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Archery World Classic Gallery (Lacey Leg) 

Finalist, Shootouts, and Road to the Buckle
View the results of the Lacey leg of our Archery World Classic shoot here: 

Road to the Buckle 


Lacey Brackets


Lacey Shoot ups

Archery World Classic Gallery (Vancouver Leg) 


Vancouver Brackets: 
Men & Women's open 11am 
Youth shoot-up 9am
Men & Women’s bhfs 9am
Men & Women's Barebow 10am

Times may vary upon shooting speed, Shoot-ups will start directly after brackets Approximately 12:30



Shoot Up Results


Archery World Classic Gallery (Troutdale Leg) 

Troutdale Brackets: 
The times for Sundays brackets and shoot ups will be announced immediately following the last line of shooting


Troutdale Shoot ups:

View the Live Coverage of the Archery World Classic finals