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Is tuning My bow that important?

Updated: May 19, 2020

You are correct in thinking that you are the weakest link when it comes to your equipment, Ask any "real" pro shooter that actually stands on the podium and makes their living from shooting their bow and I don't think they would disagree..

After that, ask them how many times they work on their bow to make it perfect for what they are doing and most will lose count on how many times its been in a bowpress.

The point of this is to ask the question, When is the last time you have had your bow tuned up?

Are you shooting as good as you used to?

Maybe it is time to bring it in, get it tuned up or get a new string set to get it driving tacks for the season. Get the bow shooting as good as possible then take a good long look at the ground connection, (you) Bows are under hundreds of pounds of pressure just holding it together before you even draw, Strings stretch regardless and when they do, you lose the tune it once had.

If you want it to shoot better, bring it in and let us get it ready for you. Thanks for all of our customers loyal support over the 20plus years in the biz. We look forward to 20 more!


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