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Why put new sight tapes or yard markers on your sights

There are many reasons that people need to put new (yardage marks) site tapes on there sights. Sometimes they change the poundage of their bow, change arrows or even change bows and it requires to change the site tape as well. This site was on a different bow last year and I moved it over to the new one. When I got a new 20 yard mark it did not match up to my old ones.

This explains a fast and easy way to adjust it.  After I did this, you can move out to further distance and take a picture of it at a different yardage and then you know what tape you should use based off of the alignment of the two new marks.

Now I can take the new site tape and marry them up.

After I move the site tape to match where my 20 was I worked my way out to 60 and went outside it in and was hitting the door at 16 the tape actually showed 62. Now I can take the site tape that matches up best.

Side note, the site companies generally send about 15 to 20 different site tapes so that you can find what works. For more info or help on getting your sight tape dialed in, pop in to one of our two locations in Vancouver or Troutdale and let our Pro Shop help.

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