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What gear are you using this year?

When the time to hunt, or bring your equipment out to use comes, there is always the question of what will you use? We have some recommendations of course depending on application an style, but we are curious what your set up will look like this year.

Bow? Release? Arrows? Broadheads? The list could go on and on. Depending on the type of shooter you are, its important to set your bow up appropriately.

The arrow you select can be very different depending on if you are preparing for the hunting season, or just target shooting. Keep in mind that if you have been getting ready for the season with one arrow and plan on hunting with something a little heavier or more aggressive it might be a good idea to put a few down range with what you will actually be shooting when it counts. We have a great informative video series on youtube and our VLOG that goes over the weight of your arrow and what to expect when sighting your bow in.

The release you use can make a significant difference as well. Last week we kicked off our target panic series with a short introduction video addressing the release you choose. How it can effect target panic and what the potential pitfalls are. We would love to see the set up you are using! share your set up with us and as always if you have any questions our staff would love to help you get things dialed in for the season.

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