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Archery Instructor

Job Description: Archery Instructor

Supervised by: Store Manager

Full Job Description
The Premier Archery Pro Shop in the Northwest. Sales and service for the archery community including Compound bows, Traditional bows, and Crossbows. Along with an indoor range, we offer private lessons, corporate events, group lessons, leagues, seminars and much more.

Do what you love! Work in the archery industry with a great team and great benefits!


  •  Prior experience with archery; preferably in a teaching or leadership role.

  •  Ability to assist in teaching activities and running programs.

  •  Current NFAA or USA Archery Certification (or equivalent) preferred, or willing to obtain certification


Archery Instructor Responsibilities:

  •  Responsible for the cleanliness and care of archery instruction equipment.

  •  Demonstrates ability to create a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.

  •  Provides the necessary tools to maintain a high level of safety both on and off the archery range.

  •  Understands and consistently performs all responsibilities associated with our safety protocols and program procedures.

  •  Confirm all equipment used is in appropriate working condition.

  •  Report any unsafe acts or conditions to the appropriate person.

  • Knowing and following all safety guidelines, policies, procedures, and expectations

  • Takes immediate and appropriate action to rectify any unsafe conditions.

  •  Have a firm understanding of course content.

  •  Teach in a relaxed, clear and confident manner to a variety of participants.

  •  Maintain continuous surveillance of archery range while participants are present.

  •  Spot hazards or potential hazards and take measures to prevent accidents.

  •  Check safety of bows, arrows, and other equipment perform needed maintenance.

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