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Buying A Bow

Buying a

Buying a New Bow

If you’re in the market for a new bow, here are some things to consider before your purchase.

  1. Will I receive the help to find what I am looking for?

  2. Are there any “Extras” or service that comes with my purchase?

  3. Will my equipment be set up correctly?

  4. Will I receive additional help/ resources if I need them?

When you purchase from Archery World, we take it personally. We understand that you can shop wherever you want and truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Whether it’s your first time in our shop or you are a long-time customer, we want you to feel welcome and confident you will be taken care of.


If you are buying a new compound bow from us we will:

  • help you achieve the perfect draw length
  • help you choose the right equipment based on your use

  • set up your bow and accessories, at no charge, by our professional Bow Technicians

  • give you a free shooting pass (10 visits) This allows you to come into a controlled shooting environment and start the process of sighting in your bow on our 20 yard range. If you have any questions about form or if we notice anything that you may benefit from, it is a perfect opportunity to fine tune the archer and the equipment and get the best out of both.


Buying a used Compound Bow


Sadly, about 75% of the people that come in our shops with recently purchased used archery equipment did not get what they thought they purchased after they learn more about it. 

The most common mistakes we see include

  • Improper fit without spending more money or will not fit at all.

  • The bow weight/poundage cannot be adjusted to fit the purchaser.

  • The maintenance has not been kept up, so the bow is unsafe to shoot. This is usually a result of needing a new string set.

  • Previously unnoticed damage.

  • Improper set up or tune

  • Unsafe arrows (meaning the incorrect spine/stiffness)

At Archery World, we sell over 300 used bows a year but please understand, we inspect used bows that come in on consignment and turn down hundreds a year that do not meet our standards. We will not try to sell you a bow, used or not, that will not fit you. We will let you know up front before you purchase a used bow from us if you will need to consider additional costs to get the bow to fit you correctly. We sell some great used equipment but would not benefit at all if you are not set up correctly. Keep in mind that bow manufacture warranties do not apply to used equipment.

Buying a
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