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BowTech/Sales Associate

Job Description: Archery Bow Tech and Sales Associate

Supervised by: Store Manager

Full Job Description
The Premier Archery Pro Shop in the Northwest. Sales and service for the archery community including Compound bows, Traditional bows, and Crossbows. Along with an indoor range, we offer private lessons, corporate events, group lessons, leagues, seminars and much more.

Sales associate with general computer skills to complete administrative work such as cashier, inventory control, and training. Position offers on job training for technical positions such as arrow technician and bow technician. When technically proficient, job advancement and pay raises are in effect. Archery skills are a benefit but not a requirement. Customer service skillset and a mechanical understanding with attention to detail will qualify for advanced pay raises.


Do what you love! Work in the archery industry with a great team and great benefits!

Flexible availability – including nights, weekends, and holidays.
Knowledge of and skilled in the use of archery equipment is preferred but not required.
Enthusiasm is required, experience is not.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Ability to complete basic mathematical equations.
Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.


Traits we are looking for:

  • Full focus on the customer -  we exist because of our customers. Complete focus on the customer you are helping and if you are helping more than one customer at a time, having the proper balance of their needs and patience as well as not taking on more than you can handle.

  • Ownership - owning the opportunity. When you interact with employees or customers, you are representing Archery World and you have an awareness that your conversations, attitude, and the culture you create are directly affected by you and that you are a direct reflection of Archery World as a whole.

  • Invent and Simplify - we are looking for forward thinkers who can expose all of those you work along side with to your ideas and simplify them enough for them to understand and successfully use.

  • Confidence - knowing and learning the ins and outs of your position and all of the product info will ensure that when you are offering or suggesting something, that your decision will be the right one.

  • Learn and be curious - constantly asking why the company does what it does. Why does the bow tune that way? Why do we care about that? Why do we not carry that product? Why do we do it that way? Showing curiosity lets us know you have a willingness and a drive to learn about what we do and implement this knowledge into your craft.

  • Development - having a personal desire to be a part of our team and seeking professional development will help you excel with employee and customer relations. When you have the drive to be successful and be a part of something bigger than yourself and understand the why, you will excel in your position at a greater speed.

  • Insistence on the highest standards - first and foremost for yourself. Someone who is continually raising the bar to ensure that defects do not get sent down the line and all work is maintained at the highest level of quality. Work on customer's equipment as if it were your own.

  • Think Big - thinking small is a self fulfilling prophecy. Someone who looks ahead and sees the bigger picture so we can all collectively raise the bar together.

  • Bias For Action - speed matters in business. We value calculated risk taking and someone who is willing to step up and do the work without being prompted to do so.

  • Frugality - accomplish more with less. Someone who is consistently thinking of ways to keep costs down and efficiency high.

  • Earn Trust - someone who listens attentively, speaks candidly, and treats others respectfully. Be self critical when needed. 

  • Dive Deep - learn something about yourself and those you work with that will help you perform your duties faster, more efficiently, and more professionally.

  • Backbone - be humble yet confident. Knowing when and where to stand up for yourself and your decisions.

  • Deliver Results - this can be in many forms. Customer reviews, outstanding craftsmanship, attention to detail and organizational skills are just a few of the results that are noticed by your managers. 

Position responsibilities:

  • Supports a strong commitment to world class customer service and ensures a pleasant and productive shopping experience for all customers.

  • Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and tunes all archery equipment to make certain it is safe and functioning properly.

  • Installs accessory items on Bows and demonstrates product to customers.

  • Assists customers by answering specific technical questions to help customer understand the operation of the unit and the work to be done or work already completed.

  • Continues technical training to improve proficiency, quality of work and to achieve higher levels of product knowledge. Setting up bows with accessories

  • Learn to tune, repair and string bows to meet Archery World’s standards

  • Follows all Company Policies and Procedures

  • Replenishes product on shelves as required.

  • Assists with inventory maintenance and proper display and signage.

  • Communicate process of repair and suggestions for ongoing maintenance.

  • Maintain an orderly and exceptionally clean appearance of personal workspace, archery bench, back stock space and surrounding areas.

  • Attend sales and product knowledge training meetings when required.

  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.

  • Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.

  • Ability to speak effectively before groups of customers and employees of the organization.

  • Ability to do basic math, and perform operations using units of measurement, currency, and understanding of percentages.

$15 -17 starting - Full Time and Part Time positions available. 

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